Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Living in Poverty

Marijo Alves
June 2,2009
Literacy - 702

Describe How does his house look? The house what the family lived in looks terrible it was dirty. What kind of clothes does he wear? The clothes her wears is dirty and his face it dirty. How many siblings does he have? He had 4 sybilings.
How old is the main character at the start of the movie? The main charcter is 5 going on 6.
How many siblings does he have? The sibbing he has is one and another on the way.

What happens when the father tries to get a job? The man tells him no.

What awoke the kids in the middle of the night? Flees

What happens to both of the twin boys? The died.

What does the father do to Eugene's coffin that upsets the main character?

Where does the family get their furniture from? Are their beds new or used? used and they get it from a church.

Based on the movie, who do poor people turn to for help when they are going through rough times? A statue.

What kind of problems do people who live in poverty have to deal with? List some that you saw in the movie.
  • No clean clothes
  • used stuff
  • and death

The main character's father is an alcoholic, what type of conflict is this? Why? (Person Vs. Self, Person Vs. Person, or Person Vs. Society).

Person vs.self

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