Monday, March 30, 2009

A Persuasive Essay

I think that children should take physical health class and health class. Why? Children shall take physical health because it will help most children get in shape and then another thing is that children don't get enough time to play or to run around so they are always hype in class. I feel the more that they work out they will be more in shape and well not a lot of over weight children will have that many problems anymore. And when you get in class the children will be more satisfied with the fact that they had enough time to play and now it is time to learn. I know some kids won't take it as enough but at least you would have most of the class attention. Health class can help you know about sickness that you can prevent from happening, My father always told me that prevention is better than cure and I think he is right because one day one of these students might end up getting one of these sickness and because they were never took health class they will never know how do get rid of it or they might have a cure but still it is better to prevent your self from getting it than go through a lot of trouble just to get a cure.

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