Monday, April 27, 2009

Being What You Are

Marijo Alves
April 27.2009

Am I wrong for being me I am I wrong for being black. Today in class we were asked... well, we was asked if we have ever experienced RACISM. My answer had to be no. But have I have ever experienced prejudice yes I have because once in fifth grade I have been sitting in my class room and well I knew a boy named Kymani he was being Prejudice he was black and told me that he does not like black people. I was angry but I wouldn't do anything about it because it is funny tht someone says that. I feel like I have over come a lot of things ever since that day happen.

I the book monster in the trial with Steve was not fair because he is black and young... so of course he is in trouble and up for being killed or staying in jail for life.

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