Friday, April 24, 2009

Name Calling!

Marijo Alves
April 24,2009

I think that people should not call people names because it causes people to think bad about them selves. But I do think that it was some of his friends because he did not pick his friends wisely. If he had more sense to not be there then I think he would of made it alive.

When you call people named it affects them and makes them feel wrong about them selves. I know sometimes people might get annoying and get you angry but people bully because they might be living a bad life or feel bad about them selves.

I over stand that a lot of people yes a lot of people take suicide on them selves. Then when they die the person that was teasing them now feels sorry for them and wish it can be undone. So here is my advice think be for you acted because it is not good to talk about people or call them names. CHOOSE YOU FRIENDS WISELY AND DON'T TEASE ANY ONE; DON'T SAY THINGS WHEN YOU ARE GOING TO END UP APOLOGISING.

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