Thursday, April 30, 2009

Math, Dot2Dot Career Day

April 30,2009

Math, Dot2Dot Career Day

My name is Marijo and this is my reflection. I am a very generous about things, I love to play sports and listen to music and I love to act many people say that I am good at it. I can’t sing, but I know that I can rap and I love to do these activities. I am a very progressive person. People tell me that I like to see things progress and I think that they are right about that. I love to see change.

I read my renzulli article about me and what I read from it sounds like me. I love the fact of how it explained all of my acheevments and my dreams and what I love to do. I was not impressed with anything because well that is how I would describe my self. The things that I read about me is how I love to act and love music and play sports that sounds just like me and I love the way how I am just me. I think if some one reads it they would think you know wow, This kid is serious about her life and what she would love to do.

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