Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Is Steve Harmon Guily of Innocent

Marijo Alves
May 5,2009

I think that Steve Harmon is innocent. I think the reason why he is locked up because he wanted to be bad like the other guys and make people terrified of him , He was maybe able to get what ever he wanted just by being with these friends. Steve Harmon to me had nothing to do with crime, Like I said he was with the wrong crew, And the ended up getting him in trouble. I don't think that Steve Harmon knows Bobo I think that is Kings friend being that King and Steve were friends and Bobo and King made it seem like that they knew each other. But other from that I think that Bobo and Steve doesn't know each other. I THINK THAT STEVE IS WITH PEOPLE LIKE KING AND OLSAVDO BECAUSE HE WANTED PEOPLE TO BE SCARED OF HIM OR WANTED MORE RESPECT.

Steve was influenced by some bad guys. Maybe Steve was not getting enough attention. I really don't think that he should have been with those boys because the way how his mother was so curious about the day he was going away it sounded like she cares and it all so sounds like she is the only one who believes that he is not guilty.

Steve Harmon had some bad advice and he took the chance to be a bad boy. That is why people say think before you act because Steve Harmon made a terrible chose and now he is a terrible place.

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