Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Math, Dot2Dot Career Day 3 Careers I am Interested In

May 5, 2009

Chef - I want to research being a chef because I love to cook and I would love to make a living off of being a chef. I really know how to make things look and sound educate.

Journalist - I would love to research being a journalist because I love to write stories and I can really edit things and make it sound sophisticated.

Daycare - I would like to research being an owner of a daycare center because I love children. I have 7 brothers and sisters and 6 living with me, When my mother and father are tired of doing all the kid stuff I take over and change the dipper and make the bottles. So I think that I got the tip of taking care of children. Oh and I don't think that any baby can beat my baby brother in crying.

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