Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I feel good. I feel good because it is fun and a cool way we can express our self. The best part about working with a group isawesome because we work hard and have fun at the some time. When My group and I put up our video in class my class mates made a cool reaction they began to laugh and it was very enjoyable. They gave us great feedback all they really said was we need to fill in some blank parts. Well we were going to fill in the blank spots and make some people in the groups voice louder and that was about it.

I felt like two of them where boring and had no life into it. I think they needed more detail and more focus with less fun. I think my video was the best because I know that my group had a lot ofenergy and we put a lot of effort and we was being our selves. I enjoyed mine the most because it really made me laugh and I don't really laugh at my self. My advice to everyone is to just be your self don;t try to change and you video will be like an every day thing to you just add a few adjustments. I think that if some one never read the book monster they would have complete over standing of the book. I will just add a few adjustments.

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