Friday, February 27, 2009

Reflection on Bronx Masquerade

Marijo Alves

The book that I am reading is called Bronx Masquerade. The book is about student who has problems with the way they look and how there life is. In the book the students start to change they think more positive about there selves. So far in the book I met 12 charters. I like the fact that they are starting to think positive about themselves. I cannot relate to anyone.

The character that I like the most in the book is Tanisha because she likes when people look at someone on the inside and not the flesh on the outside. When I am at school all the boys ever talk about is this girl got a donk, They never look at some one on the inside and I know sometimes the girls who get called ugly I know that they just want you to look further beyond. I have a big problem with that because just hate judge mental people. This is a person vs.person

I relate to Lupe because she wants to have a baby at a young age. To me she is stupid because you are to young and you didn't go back to collage yet. The thing that I hate about her is she is stupid she doesn't listen to her self and she is not taking advise from someone who experienced it. The character that I will create is a girl and her name would be JayMary. She would be a positive thinker and missing something in her life but acts like she still has one. She is someone who focus on an early career and makes the right decisions in life. That is my character.

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