Monday, February 2, 2009

How do we use spreadsheets to create graphs?

Marijo Alves
February 2,2009

AIM:  How do we use spreadsheets to create graphs?

Hello my name is Marijo Alves and I am in class 702.  Today in math class I learned how to use the internet to make graphs,  I was able to see the difference between the graphs.  We compares bar graphs to circle graphs and I think that bar graph was a better way to tell data because I can see the numbers and it is lined up in a better way.  I don't think that line graphs is the proper way to tell data with this type of data because line graphs are for time that increase or decreases during time.  For example, a plant  you use a line graph to tell time for when it is growing. That is what I learn in Math Class Today!  ($$$)

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